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I received my brush today and used it tonight, not only is it a beautiful piece, it also gave a great lather and face feel. Thank you for such wonderful work.

Mark D.

I never thought I would say this, but the amber brush is now my favorite, above even all of my vintage Rooney Finests.

John M.


The package arrived last night, and I can’t express just how pleased I am with the Ironwood brush and Buckeye Burl/Resin handle. The photos you provided earlier looked great, but they cannot fully capture the beauty of seeing these pieces in real life. You are a true artisan, as the craftsmanship of these handles is impeccable. When I showed it to my wife, all she could say was, “WOW!”. I think she captured it quite well, don’t you?

Don B.


I received the watch parts acrylic brush today and it is OUTSTANDING. Last year you put a barber pole handle on my Merkur razor and then I noticed this brush on your gallery. I am both pleased and surprised that you listed it For Sale. I am both a watch collector and wet shaving item collector, so this brush will have a place of honor in my shaving Hutch!!

Mike D.


I placed my order for the Barber Pole Handle with the Muhle R-89 head. I wasn’t anticipating buying a razor and/or handle at this time, but when I saw your Barber Pole Razor, I had to have it. I’m not an impulse buyer, either. The artistry is that unique and exquisite. No other handles I have seen even come close to giving such respectful nod to the very iconic Barber Pole image. I can’t wait for people to see my new handle.

Jonas B.


I received my Python handle the other day and it was even more awesome than I expected. As if my Bluebeards revenge scimitar wasn’t cool enough in its original form with the laser etched skull and crossbones on the head, add one of your custom Python handles and now I have the most badass razor around! Thank you for a product of exceptional quality that is sure to last years and become an amazing keepsake for my family.

Randy S.

Got the Bakelite razor today and I really like it. The blue and gold go perfectly together. I never knew that Bakelite could be so beautiful. Of course, as I've found, your fine craftsmanship brings out the best in any material. Thanks.

Larry B.