FAQ: product information

Do you take custom orders?

Although many of my pieces are built on "spec" because I just love to play in my shop, I am available for custom work.  Please feel free to contact me at robert.d.quinn@eliterazor.com.

How did you arrive at your standard razor handle shape?

When I began building custom razor handles, I engaged a series of focus groups to provide feedback on a variety of handle designs.

The initial group reviewed 8 separate designs and were asked to shave with each for a week.  Surprisingly, the ornate handles fared poorly in the week long test and the overwhelming favorite was the "cigar" shape that has become my standard.  The shape was equally preferred by those who primarily grip the handle close to the head, as well as those who grip nearer the base.

Once a shape was determined, the next group tested varying degrees of profile, ranging from an almost straight 2 degrees of profile and incremented up by 2 degrees to a max of 16 degrees.  These test results were a bit more variable.  I expected the variance to correlate to hand size, but it was purely a personal preference.  The results did heavily favor a grouping that only varied by 4 degrees.

So, most of my handles will fall right in the middle of that 4 degree "sweet spot".  Some will be a bit more broad and some will be a bit thinner, just to add a little variety.


Do you sign your work?

I have considered for a long time the idea of branding my work and have elected not to pursue it.  Many years ago (in my furniture building days), I was heavily influenced by the functional beauty and craftsmanship of Shaker furniture.  These original pieces were generally not signed by the builder.  The pursuit was simply to build a piece "which perfectly answers the purpose for which it was designed".

While I try to accommodate beauty by the choice of materials, I strive for functional purpose in the design.  I build each piece to be "owned" by someone else and I am merely holding it in safekeeping until they arrive.  Once one of my razors or brushes is purchased, it has found its' real owner and does not need my name on it.

Gift Certificate Information

Gift certificates may be purchased in any amount, with a minimum of $25.

Simply select the Gift Certificate and enter the amount of the certificate, then add it to your cart.  During Checkout, you will have the opportunity to enter a personalized message (up to 200 characters) that will appear on the certificate.

If you wish to have the gift certificate sent directly to the recipient, just enter the recipients name and email address during checkout and a printable certificate will sent via email.

To redeem the certificate, you only need to enter the Coupon Code during checkout and it will be applied to the entire purchase.  If the certificate is only partially used, the Coupon Code will remain valid until the certificate balance reaches $0.00.

Gift Certificates are non-refundable.

Are the handles slippery when they get wet?

No, the wood handles have a finish that was designed for boat decks and is not slippery at all. The Neo-Resinate handles actually feel “tacky” when they are wet. The stone handles use a resin bonding agent that grips very well, as noted in the following comment from the owner of a Turquoise razor:  “I know that it makes no sense, but it's better than the original.  Somehow the stone feels almost "sticky", as rubber.”

How does the weight of the razors compare to the factory standard?

The stone razors consistently weigh in to the factory standard. The wood razors, depending on the species of the wood, may be .1 to .3 ounces lighter than the standard. The Neo-Resinate pieces will consistently be .2 ounces lighter than the standard.

Where do you get your knots for shaving brushes?

My standard knots are comparable to The Golden Nib and Wet Shaving Products Silvertip (3-band) and Finest (2-band) knots.

I also carry a line of Premium 2-band (High Mountain White) and 3-band (Manchurian White) knots that I have built to my specifications.

I can also acquire ShaveMac knots upon request.

Are the handles waterproof?

Yes, the stone handles and Neo-Resinate handles are naturally waterproof. The wood handles are all finished with 4-6 coats, depending on the porosity of the wood, of a marine-grade finish originally designed for sailboat decks.

Are the shaving brushes handmade?

Yes, all of the shaving brushes are created by me using a variety of materials, including wood, acrylic, stone and metal.

FAQ: shipping

What are the shipping costs?

United States and territories via USPS First Class Mail - $3
United States and territories via USPS Priority Mail - $6
Canada via USPS International Express Mail - $40
All other countries worldwide via USPS International Express Mail - $60

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, I ship worldwide.  Shipping rates vary.