With natural badger hair shaving brushes, you can begin every day with a close shave and a bit of style.

Our brushes are made by hand and may be fitted with the knot of your choice. Even though the brushes are displayed with either Silvertip Badger or Finest Badger knots, the knot is not permanently set in the handle until the time of purchase. If you are interested in an alternate knot, such as a Boar bristle, please contact me.

All of our wood handles are finished with multiple coats of a waterproof sealant originally designed for use on boat decks, then buffed to a high-gloss finish. Our acrylic and stone handles are naturally impervious to water.

Each handle is unique, just as each tree or stone is unique. Therefore, each of our items is shown individually and the picture that is displayed is that of the available piece.