Black Ash Burl (24 – 26mm)


Gallery Grade

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Product Description

NOTE:  This listing is for the brush handle only.  For a finished brush, please select a knot from the Premium, Standard or Synthetic selections in the Knots category listing.

The handle is shown with a 24mm knot for presentation purposes.  It can be adjusted to accept a 26mm knot.

This brush features a handcrafted handle by Robert Quinn from Black Ash burl which is native to the Great Lakes and Acadia regions of North America.  The wood of black ash is strongly ring-porous, making it ideal for basketry splint, barrel hoops, snowshoe frames, canoe ribs, and material for woven chair seats.  It is darker colored with more grain and used largely for furniture and interior finish.  Black ash is an important tree for the making of lacrosse sticks used by the Mohawk and other tribes of the Eastern United States.  The inner bark of the black ash was used to make a bark barrel by the Iroquois which was made for storing dried vegetables, fruits, and seeds, as well as clothing. The tree traditionally was a valuable medicine to many tribes in Eastern North America.


Handle – 72mm


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