Desert Ironwood Burl



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Product Description

This handcrafted handle was made by Robert Quinn from Desert Ironwood burl which only grows in the washes and valleys of the Sonoran Desert below 2,500 foot elevation.   Desert Ironwood is very hard and dense. It actually sinks in water.  Tradition has it that carvings made from the Desert Ironwood bring good fortune and long life.  Desert Ironwood reaches maturity at 2000 years, more or less.  It was originally used by the Seri Native Americans of Mexico for tool handles.  Today the Seri Indians make carvings of desert plants and animals from the ironwood. Desert Ironwood was the original choice of material for the grips of the Colt .45 handgun.

This razor handle is 3.875 inches long and weighs 1.6 ounces.

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