Gold Laced Quartz



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Product Description

This handle is made from Gold Laced Quartz.  Gold Laced Quartz may be found in mountainous areas throughout the United States, such as Dahlonega, Georgia, which was home to a significant gold rush period in American History. Dahlonega was a rough patch of ground in northern Georgia back in the early 1800’s and was also home to the Cherokees. Settlers found their way there and the discovery of Gold brought in waves of panners and miners, leading to the founding of the town of Dahlonega and later the Dahlonega Mint. The town of Dahlonega prospered for a short period but was soon overshadowed by the newer discovery of Gold in California which pulled away many of its miner inhabitants. The Federal mint in Dahlonega continued to operate up until the Civil War but never reopened afterwards.

This razor handle is 3.25 inches long and weighs 1.6 ounces.

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