Mokume-Gane Cobalt and Gold (24 – 26mm)


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Product Description

NOTE:  This listing is for the brush handle only.  For a finished brush, please select a knot from the Premium, Standard or Synthetic selections in the Knots category listing.

The handle is shown with a 24mm knot for presentation purposes.  It can be adjusted to accept a 26mm knot.

This brush features a handcrafted handle by Robert Quinn from a Mokume-Gane fusion of Cobalt and Gold.  Technology only recently made this material available in a form that may be worked on a lathe. Mokume-Gane (pronounced Moe-koo-may Gah-nay) is the ancient Japanese metal working technique where layers of contrasting color metals such as copper, brass, nickel silver, gold, and silver are fusion welded with very high heat and pressure into one solid block of metal.  Traditional Mokume-Gane is extremely rare and sells for hundreds if not thousands of dollars for a very small quantity.  The name “Mokume Gane” refers to the visual appearance of a pattern in metal approximating that of wood. “Mokume” literally means “wood eye”, which would be used to describe a highly figured wood grain. “Gane” translates as metal. So, in English, “wood grain metal” is a near-literal translation.


Handle – 75mm


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