Begin every day with high performance and executive style. Elite Razors are hand crafted to create the ultimate shaving experience. Choose from hand finished exotic woods, polished stones or luxurious Neo-Resinate handles. Select your ultimate Merkur™ shaving assembly head from the highest quality razors available, and you have created your own customized shaving experience. The look and feel is simply unmatched and will deliver your ultimate shave. Whether you are in the boardroom, or relaxing with a fine brandy, you will look and feel your best.

Merkur™ shaving assemblies are internationally recognized as the premier shaving instrument. With over 100 years of quality German engineering, they are globally known as the “BMW” of shaving systems, guaranteed to produce a lifetime of high quality shaves.

Each handle is unique, just as each tree or stone is unique. Therefore, each of our items is shown individually and the picture that is displayed is that of the available piece.