The package arrived last night, and I can’t express just how pleased I am with the Ironwood brush and Buckeye Burl/Resin handle. The photos you provided earlier looked great, but they cannot fully capture the beauty of seeing these pieces in real life. You are a true artisan, as the craftsmanship of these handles is impeccable.  When I showed it to my wife, all she could say was, “WOW!”. I think she captured it quite well, don’t you?

Don B.

I received my Python handle the other day and it was even more awesome than I expected. As if my Bluebeards revenge scimitar wasn’t cool enough in its original form with the laser etched skull and crossbones on the head, add one of your custom Python handles and now I have the most badass razor around! Thank you for a product of exceptional quality that is sure to last years and become an amazing keepsake for my family.

Randy S.

I received the watch parts acrylic brush today and it is OUTSTANDING. Last year you put a barber pole handle on my Merkur razor and then I noticed this brush on your gallery. I am both pleased and surprised that you listed it For Sale. I am both a watch collector and wet shaving item collector, so this brush will have a place of honor in my shaving Hutch!!

Mike D.

I placed my order for the Barber Pole Handle with the Muhle R-89 head.  I wasn’t anticipating buying a razor and/or handle at this time, but when I saw your Barber Pole Razor, I had to have it.  I’m not an impulse buyer, either.  The artistry is that unique and exquisite.  No other handles I have seen even come close to giving such respectful nod to the very iconic Barber Pole image. I can’t wait for people to see my new handle.

Jonas B.

The handle came today and it looks even better in person! Thanks again. Expect to be hearing from me soon for a brush and stand to match.

Ted C.

I received my Redwood razor handle for my Muhle R89 and man, does it add class! The handle looks fantastic with the deep moving wood grain, the clean coated finished and the smooth curved line. This is definitely going to add a new plus to my morning routine. Thanks very much Bob.

Harvey N.

Just wanted to tell you how much I like my new brush.
It’s everything and more than I expected! Great workmanship!

John C.

I purchased your Bog Oak (Russian) handle and brush set a couple of weeks ago. They are beautiful, well made and are new favorites. Can’t wait to shave with them every day knowing that what I am holding in my hands predates most recorded human history. They are everything I expected and more. Thanks again, for the truly unique instruments.

On a side note, and not unexpected, but still a pleasant feeling, the handles grip like glue even with soapy hands! …

Chris Z.

The brush arrived today.  It’s awesome!

Greg H.

I received my shaving brushes yesterday.  They are as impressive in real life as they were in the photo.  Thanks again.

Monroe L.

I just wanted to thank you for your outstanding work. My razor never looked so good. As you can see, I am so impressed, I put another order in with you today.

Carl C.

I received the brush today and I’m delighted with it.  Thanks for your great workmanship.

Ricardo T.

I bought my father The Jamaican Wood Shaver. What a beautiful shaver and craftsmanship. I would recommend anyone here to buy beautiful razors. Most important is that I’ll be buying more things from here. I’m glad that I found them.

Jeff M.

My handle arrived Friday morning, via USPS as expected. Your work is perfection! Your handle turned my German DE Razor into an American piece of art! Well done Sir, well done.

Patrick F.

Got the Bakelite razor today and I really like it. The blue and gold go perfectly together. I never knew that Bakelite could be so beautiful. Of course, as I’ve found, your fine craftsmanship brings out the best in any material. Thanks.

Larry B.

Just a quick note – I bought your Brown Mallee and Red Resin Silvertip Brush.  I’ve used it the last 2 mornings, once with a cream (TOBS Jermyn Street) and this morning with MdC soap, remarkable performance, the handle feel and balance together with the brush backbone is everything I want in a brush, many thanks, I’ll be back for more!

Walt S.

Just got the pen. It is really beautiful!

Stephen L.

Magnificent work, I couldn’t be happier! You’ll be hearing from me again.

Felix B.

I just got the razor about an hour ago. It looks great, and I appreciate the effort. It makes me happy to work with someone that’s passionate and does what they say.

Jeremy W.

Just received my handle today. Wow! It is absolutely perfect. That Ebony is exactly what I was hoping for. There is just something special about real wood that plastics and plated metals can’t touch. It just feels “right” in your hand. I’m so glad you suggested the profile rather than a straight design. I could not be happier, and when the time comes for my next handle I will definitely be contacting you.

Will H.

Just wanted to let you know that the razor arrived Friday and it is absolutely gorgeous! You didn’t mention that it would be signed and numbered. That is so appropriate. It is a genuine work of art and I will get a bit of a thrill every time I shave for decades to come. Thank you so much for the beautiful razor and the incredibly fast and careful service.

Joe F.

It is a beautiful razor and made a great Father’s Day gift. My husband loves it!

Lori H.

Just wanted to thank you for the brush. I was in awe when I took it out of the box. I have already used it and it lathers up great. Just wonderful. Thanks!

Myke M.

It is truly a stunning piece of work, I am so impressed by the fit and finish of it, it looks like it came from the factory that way! I think the acrylic pieces look so cool in the handle! Thank you so much for making me such a unique custom piece, I am already thinking of new materials to use for my next razor from you!

Chris M.

The brush is simply fantastic, after the first shave it bloomed so large and full my 23mm Merkur brush looks like a pencil dot next to it. The shape of the handle is effortless to hold and feels great and sound while whipping up a lather. It’s really a marvelous piece and I’m proud to own it.

Peter L.

I just had the best shave of my life!  Thank you so much for all of your efforts to get me the exact razor I needed. I really like it!

Jack H.

Can’t thank you enough, really amazing work.

Bill K.

Bob, you make a WICKED Python razor.

Clement C.

Just received my Irish Bog Oak razor – it was even better than I expected.  Your craftsmanship is truly a gift

Dick F.

I received the custom handle you made for me for the Edwin Jagger DE89. One word beautiful. I couldn’t resist so I did a one pass shave. Excellent grip and performance. The razor is enhanced to perfection.

Thanks so much for your skill in creating this handle.

Jerry S.

The razor is just amazing, much better than the original.

Robert D.

Just a note to let you know the razor arrived safely. It looked great in the picture, but in person it’s amazing! Thanks for your excellent work and great service.

Chris W.

I received the Damascus set today, Bob. The pieces are works of art!

Ed B.

I’m really quite content with the rattlesnake razor I purchased from Bob. It is the most amazing DE handle I’ve ever seen.

Stephen J.

My Red Jasper brush arrived from Bob today, and I have to say as great as it looks in the pictures, those pictures don’t even do it proper justice. I’ll definitely be recommending Elite Razor to any friends of mine who may be looking for custom shaving tools in the future.

Evan R.

The razor is perfect and a real work of art! Thanks for such a smooth transaction.

Ed B.

The slant arrived tonight and it looks great! Thanks again Bob, I shaved with it on Friday night and it was great!

Thomas M.

The razor arrived today, looks even better in person. Absolutely beautiful! All-in-all, a fantastic improvement for an already great razor.

Larry B.

This razor really is a beauty, and has became my everyday razor. Your work really is amazing, and a stone handle is really something refreshing.

Bob P.

Mine arrived yesterday and the craftsmanship, fit, and finish are all first rate. It looks even better in person than it does in pictures.
I will also add that the business end of this transaction was excellent. The whole experience was quite pleasant and so I will recommend Elite Razor most highly. Now, I think I’ll go shave and test this beauty out!

Stephen J.

This is the nicest brush I have ever bought. Puts the $200 brushes to shame.

Tim S.

Several words came to my mind when I saw this Quartz set.  Amazing – Beautiful – Creation, could probably do the alphabet, but best described by me as Art.

Rob R.

Bob, you make a WICKED Python razor!

Clement C.

Got the Bakelite razor today and I really like it. The blue and gold go perfectly together. I never knew that Bakelite could be so beautiful. Of course, as I’ve found, your fine craftsmanship brings out the best in any material. Thanks.

Larry B.

Fantastic quality shaving brush…should last a lifetime… Thanks!

Peter R.

I received the brush today and was amazed by how good it is. It’s even better than in the pictures. Congratulations for this kind of craftsmanship.

Ruben R.

Very nice brush. My boyfriend absolutely loved it. Thank you.

Anastasiya Z.